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Great to see everyone back after summer. Loads to do this year including a new ways of teaching maths and literacy. New this year- class assemblies with a chance to come in and see your children in action and Mathletics

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Visit to Roundhay Park November '17

In November, 15 Year 4 children went to Roundhay Park, together with Year 4 children from Talbot Primary School in North Leeds. The children spent the day working together to build shelters and make mobiles out of natural materials which the collected in the park.

Synagogue Visit in North Leeds

In November, Year 4 visited a synagogue in North Leeds, as part of our RE topic on Judaism. It was really interesting to see for real, all the things we had learned about, and find out more about how Jewish people practise their religion.

Abacus Maths Interactive Maths Games

Our recently purchased Maths scheme allows teachers to set up games for children matched to their ability levels. Our children can log into their personal site at home.

Making Maths Games
Roman Mosaic Work

In Art, Deign and Technology we have created our own Roman mosaics.

Year 3 & Year 4 Egyptian Tomb Experience!

In History we've been learning about the Ancient Egyptians . We've our own special tomb in Y3/4 for the children to enter so that they can learn about the afterlife, mummies and canopic jars.