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Year 6 are learning about the impact of the Second World War on the Home Front. Through reading Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian they will empathise with evacuees. During our theme day the children will be evacuated learning about school life during the war, rationing, code breaking and first aid. Through story writing we will write how they feel when they are evacuated, life during an air raid and re-tell a story about finding a German Pilot.  We will study Anne Frank creating her life story as a storyboard.  From our visit to Eden Camp we will describe the scenes, smells and sounds of the era.
Our science topic this term is electricity where we will be investigating the impact more bulbs and batteries have in simple circuits using circuit diagrams to record our results. In art we will be using sketching pencils to produce our own drawings of war time themes. In DT we will be making our own air-raid shelters and decorating them inside by researching the features. We will also light them up using our skills from science.
We are using the abacus scheme to develop our maths skills.  At home children will be assigned games to practise these using their own log in. We will be using real life experiences to put them into context.
Through our own research we will create a power-point of an area of interest about the war that we would like to find more about and also make a model / poster to accompany it.