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Great to see everyone back after summer. Loads to do this year including a new ways of teaching maths and literacy. New this year- class assemblies with a chance to come in and see your children in action and Mathletics

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The Characteristics of Effective Learning

In Foundation, we like to focus not only on ‘what’ children are learning but also on ‘how’ they are learning.  Each child is unique and different children learn in different ways.  Often the journey of ‘how’ they learned something is more valuable than the end result.

These “characteristics” are develop the following skills:

Playing and Exploring – Engagement and investigation:

• Finding out and exploring
• Playing with what they know
• Being willing to have a go


Active Learning – Persisting when challenges occur:

• Being involved and concentrating
• Keeping trying
• Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and Thinking Critically – reviewing and improving their ideas:

• Having their own ideas
• Making links
• Choosing ways to do things