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Raynville Governing Board
The governing body is made up of different types of governors.  Parent and staff representatives are elected to the governing body, some governors are appointed by the local authority and the governors themselves can appoint its own community governors.

What do our governors do?
Together with our headteacher, they are responsible for making sure our school provides a good quality education. The governors make decisions which are in the best interests of the children at school, bringing their own skills and experience to support the effective running of Raynville.  They work closely with the Headteacher and the rest of the staff, although much of this goes on in meetings and isn’t necessarily seen by the rest of the school community.  At Raynville we are particularly fortunate that a number of our governors are able to spend time regularly helping in school with the children’s learning and talking with parents.  Others use their skills in different ways – for example helping to write policies concerned with the school buildings or Health and Safety.

What skills do governors need?
No formal qualifications are necessary but Raynville is keen to attract people in the community who can bring energy, experience, commitment and fresh ideas.
How much of your time is needed?
Our Governing Body meets at least once a term in the early evening. In addition, governors need to attend committee meetings, events and appropriate training. Governors are encouraged to visit our school during the day to see us in action, and to get to know the staff and pupils. Governors usually serve for four years.
What support will you receive?
The governors go on training courses to increase their knowledge of how schools are run and the headteacher makes sure that they are kept up to date with the information they need to see how well the children are learning. Support, training and guidance are available. If you would like to find out more about being a governor, please contact the school office for an informal chat.

Our Clerk is provided by Leeds and contact details can be obtained from the school office.
Raynville Governing Board
Name Category End of Term of Office Committee Membership Voting Rights Business or finncial Interests Other establishments at which they govern Relations within the school/academy
Mr Midgley Headteacher 1/09/40 BOTH YES None N/A  
Mrs Nicola Darbyshire Staff 03/03/19 Resources committee YES None N/A  
Mrs Lynn Keating Staff 2/09/19 Teaching & Learning (Chair) YES None N/A P. Keating (teacher)
Mrs Louise Harrison Parent 27/06/18 Teaching & Learning YES None N/A  
Mr Robert Greaves (Chair) Co-opted 30/09/20 BOTH YES None N/A  
Mrs Sarah Tulip Parent 30/11/21 Teaching & Learning YES None N/A  
Mr Peter Boutle Co-opted 30/11/20 Resources YES None N/A  
Rev Charity Marufu Co-opted 30/11/20 Resources YES None N/A  
It is not a statutory requirement to allocate areas for specific monitoring but the following roles are recommended:
Child Protection Lynn Keating Pupil Premium Robert Greaves, Nicola Darbyshire
Children Looked After Lynn Keating Sports funding Robert Greaves, Nicola Darbyshire
Attendance Lynn Keating Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (TBA)
Equalities (TBA) Health and Safety (TBA)
Special educational needs and disability (SEND) Louise Harrison Training governor (TBA)
Governor to accompany School Improvement Adviser on school visits (TBA) Complaints Robert Greaves
Safeguarding is the responsibility of all governors and it is expected that everyone has a sound knowledge of this
School aims to recruit governors with experience in the TBA areas.