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Its official……….Raynville Primary is a GOOD school!
I’m delighted to report that we have had official recognition from Ofsted that Raynville Primary is a GOOD school. 
In their inspection on 10th & 11th of October they observed 21 lessons, made additional short visits to classrooms and listened to pupils read.  They also held meetings with pupils, members of staff and governors as well as taking into account comments from parents. 
Here is a summary of the main points.  The full report will be published on the Ofsted Website on 7th November, but if you would like your own paper copy you are welcome to request one from the school office after the half term holiday.
Why Ofsted say that Raynville is a good school:
  • Almost all pupils are making rapidly improving progress in reading and writing.  Progress in mathematics is also strong in most classes.
  • Standards for pupils currently on roll have improved significantly over the past two years.
  • Pupils with special educational needs make outstanding progress due to highly effective teaching and the special arrangements the school makes for them.
  • Teaching and learning are consistently good throughout the school and are outstanding in some classes.
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around school.  They say they feel very safe and bullying is rare.  Excellent relationships in lessons create a climate in which pupils’ learning can flourish.
  • The recently appointed headteacher has had a highly positive impact in a short time due to her very high expectations.  The quality of teaching and pupils’ work are rigorously checked.  Teachers are held to account but are also given good guidance as to how their teaching can be improved.  As a result, both the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement are improving rapidly.

What the school needs to do to improve further:
We were extremely pleased that Ofsted agreed with our own self evaluation, identifying three areas that we are already developing this year:
  • Raise pupils’ attainment in mathematics in Key Stage 2, by giving pupils more frequent opportunities to apply their mathematical skills to relevant, practical problems.
  • Ensure all pupils are clear about what they need to do to improve their learning by:
    • building upon existing excellent practice, to make sure that all teachers use a consistent approach to marking
    • ensuring that all Key Stage 2 pupils have suitably challenging medium and long term targets which set out the steps they need to take to reach the higher levels.
  • Extend learning further in nursery by:
    • improving the facilities in the nursery class so that children experience more stimulating activities
    • ensuring that all adults talk to children more about what they are doing, so that opportunities for maximising learning are not missed