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Mapping and Directions (October '19)

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some very special visitors to Year 1; some magical fairies! We have spent some time teaching the fairies about our world and all the wonderful things they can see in our local area, Brilliant Bramley! We looked at aerial photos of Bramley and found some famous landmarks. We then looked at our school and thought about how the fairies might see us travelling from one area of the school to another. We drew maps of our school grounds and wrote directions of how to get to different areas. We then went outside to test our plans and to see where we ended up. We then returned to our classroom and reviewed our plans, looking at where we went wrong and how we could correct it. We had lots of fun out on our little adventure!

Gruffalo Story Writing (October '19)

Following our work on The Gruffalo last week, we have been using a story map to learn the story and used it to help us re-write the story.

The Gruffalo (September '19)

Now we have settled in to Year 1, we have been learning the story of the Gruffalo in great detail in order write the story next week.