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Main school hours are:
8.50am-12.00 noon and 1.05-3.15pm
Children enter school when the bell is rung at 8.45am.

Supervision of pupils:
Children who attend Breakfast Club are supervised from 8am.  Before this time children are under the care and supervision of their parents.
Staff are on duty in the KS2 playground from 8.30am.  Parents who wish to drop off their KS2 children at this time are welcome to do so.  Before this time children are not under the supervision of staff, and remain their parents' responsibility.
KS1 and Foundation children need to be under the care and supervision of their parents/carers until doors open at 8.45am.

Nursery sessions are:
Morning: 8.45-11.45am
Afternoon: 12.30-3.30pm
Parents may take the fifteen hours nursery time as half days, as two and a half days or as one full day and three halves.  Parents are very welcome into the Nursery when bringing or collecting their children. Young people under the age of 14 should not collect children from nursery. Please do not go into the Key Stage One playground to see older children when on the way to or from Nursery as this can be very unsettling for them.

We ask for your help in getting children to school on time and encouraging punctual habits. Lateness affects both the education of your own child and that of the other children in the class.

We strongly encourage walking to school. If this is not possible please park carefully away from the main entrance. This is vitally important for children’s safety, so that coaches can have access and for the sake of our neighbours.
Children may cycle or come by scooter to school but parents must either take them home or leave them in the bike racks. It is your responsibility to secure them there as we are not responsible for them. Children must dismount from their bike or scooter in the grounds and push it until they leave the premises.

Key Stage 1 and Reception children will only be released to a known adult, so you should tell us if someone other than the usual person is collecting. Older children should be reminded to come straight back into school if the person they are expecting is not there or if they encounter any problem.

It is very important that children are collected on time and that we are told if you are unavoidably delayed. Any child not collected on time will wait in the main office in the Aston building. If a child is left until 3.45 or until 30 minutes after the end of an after school club social services may be informed.