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The Early Years Foundation Stage – Our Philosophy

At Raynville we believe that all children have a right to the best possible start in life. We aim to provide the best education we can for all our pupils in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment with professional, caring and dedicated staff. We believe that by working in partnership with parents & carers we can encourage children to develop into happy and confident children with enquiring minds, interested in all they see and do.
Young children learn most through play and we believe that well designed play and activities are a fun and effective way to aid discovery and knowledge. We achieve this in two ways, taking the learning from the children’s own interests and by planning activities around specific topics.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum that your child will access from birth to 5 years old. The Foundation Stage runs throughout all Nursery and Reception Classes.  We aim for parents and staff to form a partnership so we can provide quality education for every child.
At Raynville, Nursery and Reception work closely to ensure links are maintained to aid transition between classes as we move through the Foundation stage.  We work in the same outdoor environment so our children become familiar with the ‘big school’ and their move to Reception is a natural, non-threatening progression.

Tapestry – Online Foundation Stage Profiles

Tapestry is our way recording your child’s learning milestones.  When your child does something new or that shows progression, we will take a photo and upload it to Tapestry, with notes that explain their work.  Parents will be given a login so they can access the Tapestry App at home on their phone, tablet or computer.  From there, they can to celebrate their child’s achievements and also upload anything that they do with their child.  We will often sit down to talk about and share their Tapestry experiences as a class.

Log in to the Tapestry website here - http://www.tapestryjournal.com or search for Tapestry App on your phone's app store.